Multiple URI Opener

Copy and paste your URIs and click on "Open" button or press "Ctrl+Enter". Each URI will open in new tab in current web browser.

About Us

When it comes to opening multiple URLs, you either do it manually or you look for a browser extension (plugin). Doing it manually is too much work which takes a lot of time and as far as the browser extensions or plugins are concerned, you never know what data they collect from your websites.

This is why the folks at developed a tool called URI Opener to help users opening bulk URLs as quickly as possible. The URI Opener is responsive, easy to use and works really fast. Just copy and paste your URLs and then either click on Open button or press Ctrl+Enter. That's all you need to do. Your each URL will open in new tab in the same web browser.

About Us

Why use URI Opener?

There are various URL opener websites out on internet and you might be thinking why should I use URI Opener?

Cross Platform

The URI Opener works great on any OS or device, no matter the size!

Really Fast

The URI Opener works really fast even on the slow networks!

Highly Convenient

It supports the input URLs separated by comma, space, or newline!

Frequently Asked Questions

The URI Opener is developed by the folks at The is a free and paid press release distribution website offering services to users all around the world since the year 2015.

The URI Opener is designed to work with all the major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Sarafi etc.

Yes, the URI Opener supports the input URLs separated by comma, space, or newline character which makes it more convenient for our users.

The modern web browsers have a popup blocker feature which might block our website from opening new tabs. You need to turn off the popup blocker or allow website to open popups to make sure the URI Opener works for you.

To do this in Google Chrome, see the following image.


To learn more about popup blocker settings in Google Chrome, visit this page.

We did not set any limit on number of URIs. Honestly, it depends upon the computer (or device) you are using. If your computer has a slower processor and low memory (RAM), we would recommend opening 15 to 20 URIs at a time so that your computer performance does not degrade.

Yes, it works in Safari and all other web browsers running in macOS.

Yes, it is completely free for everyone.

Yes, of course. You can use our website for your personal or business work. We do not put any restrictions on our website usage.

We respect the privacy of our users. Since we do not ask you to supply any personal information, we do not collect or save it. Our website may collect anonymous statistics for the users but we do not collect or save personally identifiable information. To learn more, you can read our Privacy Policy.

If you are running into some issue or need more information about our website, you can use the contact form to send a message to us. We will respond back as soon as we can.

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